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Aaron NevilleSummertime2003Music/Lyrics
Abbie MitchellSummertime1935Music/Lyrics
Adam FaithSummertime1960Music/Lyrics
Adele Astaire & George VollaireSo Am I1926Music/Lyrics
Adya & Manuel PalomoSummertime2013Music/Lyrics
Al Goodman And His OrchestraRhapsody In Blue1949Music/Lyrics
Al Goodman And His OrchestraSummertime1949Music/Lyrics
Al GreenSummertime1969Music/Lyrics
Al HaigThey Can't Take That Away From Me1957Music/Lyrics
Al Hibbler With Mercer Ellington & OrchestraSummertime1947Music/Lyrics
Al HirtFidgety Feet1958Music/Lyrics
Al HirtRhapsody In Blue1979Music/Lyrics
Al JolsonSwanee1920Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoSummertime1960Music/Lyrics
Alba MolinaSummertime2011Music/Lyrics
Albert Ammons And His Rhythm KingsLady Be Good1948Music/Lyrics
Albert NicholasLady Be Good1960Music/Lyrics
Alexander HoffmannIt Ain't Necessarily So1994Music/Lyrics
Alicia CamaraSummertime2014Music/Lyrics
Alison MoyetThe Man I Love2004Music/Lyrics
Alma CoganThey Can't Take That Away From Me1958Music/Lyrics
Ambros SeelosSummertime1978Music/Lyrics
André PrevinBut Not For Me1949Music/Lyrics
André RieuI've Got Plenty Of Nothing2007Music/Lyrics
Andreas Ottensamer / Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra / Yannick Nézet-SéguinPrelude No. 12013Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsEmbraceable You1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsHow Long Has This Been Going On1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsLove Is Here To Stay1962Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsSummertime1961Music/Lyrics
Angelika MilsterSommerzeit1998Music/Lyrics
Ann Hampton CallawayBut Not For Me1996Music/Lyrics
Ann Hampton CallawayEmbraceable You1996Music/Lyrics
Ann Hampton CallawayOh, Lady Be Good1996Music/Lyrics
Anna KarinaThe Man I Love1986Music/Lyrics
Anna Moffo und OrchesterSummertime1987Music/Lyrics
Anne BrownMy Man's Gone Now1940Music/Lyrics
Anne BrownOverture And Summertime1940Music/Lyrics
Anne Brown And Todd DuncanWhat Do You Want Wid Bess?1962Music/Lyrics
Annette Hanshaw And Her Sizzlin' SyncopatorsThe Man I Love1928Music/Lyrics
Annie GouldUn homme est parti1955Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxSummertime2014Music/Lyrics
April StevensDo It Again1960Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinIt Ain't Necessarily So1960Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinSwanee1966Music/Lyrics
Art Blakey And The Jazz MessengersGershwin Medley2014Music/Lyrics
Art GarfunkelSomeone To Watch Over Me2006Music/Lyrics
Art TatumA Foggy Day1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumEmbraceable You1953Music/Lyrics
Art TatumI've Got A Crush On You1953Music/Lyrics
Art Tatum'S Wonderful1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumSomebody Loves Me1954Music/Lyrics
Art TatumSomeone To Watch Over Me1968Music/Lyrics
Art TatumThe Man I Love1968Music/Lyrics
Art TatumThey Can't Take That Away From Me1953Music/Lyrics
Art Tatum TrioThe Man I Love1956Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawA Foggy Day1946Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawLove Walked In1950Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawSummertime1945Music/Lyrics
Artie ShawThe Man I Love1939Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw & His OrchestraOh! Lady Be Good1939Music/Lyrics
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra'S Wonderful1945Music/Lyrics
Asher BookSomeone To Watch Over Me2009Music/Lyrics
Audrey HepburnHow Long Has This Been Going On1957Music/Lyrics
Audrey Hepburn / Fred AstaireS' Wonderful1957Music/Lyrics
Avon Long And Anne BrownThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York1962Music/Lyrics
Baby Face WilletteThey Can't Take That Away From Me1961Music/Lyrics
Barbara HendricksSummertime2001Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandI Loves You Porgy / Porgy, I's Your Woman Now1985Music/Lyrics
Barbra StreisandIsn't It A Pity?1999Music/Lyrics
Barbra Streisand with Frank SinatraI've Got A Crush On You1993Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowBut Not For Me2014Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowLove Is Here To Stay2010Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow & Diane Schuur feat. Stan GetzSummertime1987Music/Lyrics
Bengt HallbergSummertime1957Music/Lyrics
Benjamin HermanSummertime2013Music/Lyrics
Benny Carter & His OrchestraBut Not For Me1951Music/Lyrics
Benny Carter & His OrchestraMedley: Do, Do, Do/Bidin' My Time/I've Got A Crush On You/Love Is Here To Stay1950Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanFascinating Rhythm1958Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanSomebody Loves Me1963Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanWho Cares1963Music/Lyrics
Benny Goodman TrioOh, Lady Be Good1955Music/Lyrics
Bernard Zacharias & ses SolistesThe Man I Love1954Music/Lyrics
Bert KaempfertLove Walked In1975Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraSomebody Loves Me1960Music/Lyrics
Bill Charlap & Renee RosnesMy Man's Gone Now2010Music/Lyrics
Bill Evans TrioSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
Bill FrielSummertime Music/Lyrics
Bill Murray, Jan Vogler and FriendsIt Ain't Necessarily So2017Music/Lyrics
Billie Holiday(I Love You) Porgy1948Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayA Foggy Day1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayBut Not For Me1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayEmbraceable You1944Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayLove Is Here To Stay1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayNice Work If You Can Get It1956Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayOur Love Is Here To Stay1957Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidaySummertime1936Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayThe Man I Love1939Music/Lyrics
Billie HolidayThey Can't Take That Away From Me1994Music/Lyrics
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1937Music/Lyrics
Billie Holiday & Her OrchestraThey Can't Take That Away From Me1937Music/Lyrics
Billie Holiday And Her OrchestraSummertime1937Music/Lyrics
Billy PrestonSummertime1967Music/Lyrics
Billy StewartSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyEmbraceable You1947Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyI Got Rhythm1975Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyLove Walked In1949Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbySomebody Loves Me1949Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyThey Can't Take That Away From Me1949Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraNice Work If You Can Get It1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregman's OrchestraThey All Laughed1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Matty Malneck And His OrchestraSummer Time1938Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Victor Young And His OrchestraI Got Plenty Of Nuttin'1936Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Victor Young And His OrchestraIt Ain't Necessarily So1936Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With Victor Young And His OrchestraMaybe1939Music/Lyrics
Blue HazeI Got Rhythm1978Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And Cathy Crosby And The BobcatsI've Got A Crush On You1957Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraA Foggy Day1937Music/Lyrics
Bob Crosby And His OrchestraSummertime1938Music/Lyrics
Bob Lawrence & Rhythm BoysUnion Square1933Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinI Got Rhythm1997Music/Lyrics
Bobby DarinIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Bobby HackettDelishious1967Music/Lyrics
Booker T. & The M.G.'sSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Branford Marsalis Quartet / Kurt EllingThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York2016Music/Lyrics
Brenda HollowayEmbraceable You1964Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonI Got Rhythm2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonI Loves You, Porgy2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonIt Ain't Necessarily So2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonI've Got A Crush On You2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonLove Is Here To Stay2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonNothing But Love2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonRhapsody In Blue2010Music/Lyrics
Brian Wilson's Wonderful2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonSomeone To Watch Over Me2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonSummertime2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonThe Like In I Love You2010Music/Lyrics
Brian WilsonThey Can't Take That Away From Me2010Music/Lyrics
Bronski BeatIt Ain't Necessarily So1984Music/Lyrics
Brook BentonThey Can't Take That Away From Me1960Music/Lyrics
Bruno MartinoSummertime1973Music/Lyrics
Bryn TerfelIt Ain't Necessarily So2009Music/Lyrics
Bubblin' Toorop TrioI Got Rhythm1997Music/Lyrics
Bud PowellNice Work If You Can Get It1947Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowayIt Ain't Necessarily So1960Music/Lyrics
Cab CallowaySummertime1960Music/Lyrics
Cćcilie NorbySummertime1995Music/Lyrics
Caetano VelosoSummertime2004Music/Lyrics
Caetano VelosoThe Man I Love2004Music/Lyrics
Carly SimonIn Honor Of You (George)2000Music/Lyrics
Caroline KiesewetterDie Liebe bleibt besteh'n2008Music/Lyrics
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der LindenLet's Call The Whole Thing Off2009Music/Lyrics
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der LindenOur Love Is Here To Stay2009Music/Lyrics
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der Linden's Wonderful2009Music/Lyrics
Caroll Vanwelden & Dirk Van der LindenThey Can't Take That Away From Me2009Music/Lyrics
CarpentersI Got Rhythm1980Music/Lyrics
CarpentersKaren - Ella Medley1980Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteFascinating Rhythm1968Music/Lyrics
Caterina ValenteOh Lord, I'm On My Way1964Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourC'n'est pas nécessairement ça1960Music/Lyrics
Charles AznavourJ'ai des millions de rien du tout1960Music/Lyrics
Charles Dornberger And His OrchestraThe Life Of A Rose1923Music/Lyrics
Charles MingusA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Charles MingusSummertime1957Music/Lyrics
Charlie ParkerEmbraceable You1959Music/Lyrics
Charlie ParkerSummertime1950Music/Lyrics
Charlotte ChurchSummertime1999Music/Lyrics
CherHow Long Has This Been Going On1973Music/Lyrics
CherThe Man I Love1973Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerBut Not For Me1954Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerEmbraceable You1957Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerHow Long Has This Been Going On?1957Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerSomeone To Watch Over Me1955Music/Lyrics
Chet BakerThey All Laughed1995Music/Lyrics
Chet Baker QuartetSummertime1956Music/Lyrics
Chick CoreaThis Is New1968Music/Lyrics
Chick Webb And His OrchestraLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1938Music/Lyrics
Chico & Rita New York Band & OrchestraChico's Dream2011Music/Lyrics
Choral Group / Fred Astaire / Kay Thompson & ChorusOverture / Funny Face / S' Wonderful / Think Pink1957Music/Lyrics
Chris Botti feat. David FosterSummertime2012Music/Lyrics
Chris FarloweSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Chris MontezLove Is Here To Stay1968Music/Lyrics
Christian AndersSummertime1977Music/Lyrics
Chuck WayneEmbraceable You1957Music/Lyrics
Claudja BarryDo It Again (Part 1)1976Music/Lyrics
Claudja BarrySummertime1980Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineBut Not For Me1973Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineI Love You, Porgy1974Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineMy Man's Gone Now1976Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineOh, Doctor Jesus1976Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineStrawberry Woman1976Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineThat Certain Feeling1971Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineThey Pass By Singin'1976Music/Lyrics
Cleo LaineWhat You Want Wid Bess?1976Music/Lyrics
Cleo Laine with Johnny Dankworth & His OrchestraI Got Rhythm Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardThey Can't Take That Away From Me2010Music/Lyrics
Cliff Richard & The ShadowsEmbraceable You1959Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeClap Yo' Hands1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeDo Do Do1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeDo It Again1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeFascinating Rhythm1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeI Got Rhythm1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeLiza1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeMy One And Only1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeOh, Lady B Good1987Music/Lyrics
Clive Lythgoe'S Wonderful1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeSomebody Loves Me1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeStrike Up The Band1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeSweet And Low Down1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeThat Certain Feeling1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeThe Man I Love1987Music/Lyrics
Clive LythgoeWho Cares?1987Music/Lyrics
Coleman HawkinsSomeone To Watch Over Me1952Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins And His Quintet feat. Teddy Wilson'S Wonderful1944Music/Lyrics
Coleman Hawkins Swing FourThe Man I Love1945Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisHow Long Has This Been Going On?1961Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisSwanee1961Music/Lyrics
Count Basie & The Kansas City SevenOh, Lady Be Good1937Music/Lyrics
Count Basie And His Orchestra / Tony BennettStrike Up The Band1958Music/Lyrics
Curtis StigersLove Is Here To Stay2014Music/Lyrics
Curtis Stigers / The John Wilson OrchestraLove Is Here To Stay2012Music/Lyrics
Dakota StatonA Foggy Day Music/Lyrics
Dakota StatonLove Walked In1959Music/Lyrics
Dakota StatonThey All Laughed1958Music/Lyrics
Dami ImSummertime2018Music/Lyrics
Dani Klein & Sal La RoccaSummertime2015Music/Lyrics
Daniel AmalmRhapsody In Blue1997Music/Lyrics
Danny Gottlieb And The Nairobi TrioI Loves You, Porgy2005Music/Lyrics
Dave "Baby" CortezSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
David EssexSummertime1986Music/Lyrics
David GarrettSummertime2008Music/Lyrics
De StrangersCharlestonneriekes1982Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinSophia2012Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee BridgewaterFoggy Day2010Music/Lyrics
Dee Dee BridgewaterOh, Lady, Be Good!1997Music/Lyrics
Denise JannahSomeone To Watch Over Me2015Music/Lyrics
Dennis DeYoungSomeone To Watch Over Me1994Music/Lyrics
Dennis DeYoungSummertime1994Music/Lyrics
Dennis Lotis & Ted Heath And His MusicBut Not For Me1957Music/Lyrics
DeodatoRhapsody In Blue1973Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonI Was Doing All Right1961Music/Lyrics
Dexter GordonOur Love Is Here To Stay1963Music/Lyrics
Diahann CarrollSummertime1974Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallI Was Doing All Right2006Music/Lyrics
Diana KrallS'Wonderful2001Music/Lyrics
Diana RossI Loves You Porgy2006Music/Lyrics
Diana RossLove Is Here To Stay2006Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurBeginner's Luck2008Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurNice Work If You Can Get It2008Music/Lyrics
Diane SchuurOur Love Is Here To Stay1993Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreLove Is Here To Stay1992Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreSomebody Loves Me1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreThe Man I Love1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonA Foggy Day1954Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonEmbraceable You1946Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonI've Got A Crush On You1956Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonLove Walked In1960Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonOur Love Is Here To Stay1954Music/Lyrics
Dinah WashingtonThe Man I Love1946Music/Lyrics
Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones And His OrchestraBut Not For Me1956Music/Lyrics
Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones And His OrchestraSomebody Loves Me1956Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickI Loves You, Porgy1965Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtEmbraceable You1946Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtI Got Rhythm1935Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtLady Be Good1948Music/Lyrics
Don EstelleSomeone To Watch Over Me1975Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanSomebody Loves Me1989Music/Lyrics
Don McLeanSomeone To Watch Over Me1989Music/Lyrics
Don ShirleyI Got Rhythm1962Music/Lyrics
Don ShirleyPorgy & Bess Suite1958Music/Lyrics
Doris DayA Foggy Day1959Music/Lyrics
Doris DayBut Not For Me1956Music/Lyrics
Doris DayClap Yo' Hands1961Music/Lyrics
Doris DayLove Is Here To Stay1958Music/Lyrics
Doris DaySomebody Loves Me1951Music/Lyrics
Doris Day And Harry JamesThe Man I Love1950Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Axel Stordahl And His OrchestraDo Do Do1950Music/Lyrics
Doris Day with Frank De Vol & His OrchestraNice Work If You Can Get It1959Music/Lyrics
Dorothy Dandrige & Sidney PoitierBess, You Is My Woman Now1974Music/Lyrics
Dorothy EllisonSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Drafi Deutscher And His MagicsSummertime1964Music/Lyrics
Duffy PowerIt Ain't Necessarily So1963Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonLiza1953Music/Lyrics
Duke EllingtonRhapsody In Blue1965Music/Lyrics
Duke Ellington & His OrchestraSummertime1963Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldSomeone To Watch Over Me1995Music/Lyrics
Earl BosticEmbraceable You1951Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1962Music/Lyrics
Earl GrantSomeone To Watch Over Me1964Music/Lyrics
Eartha KittLooking For A Boy1955Music/Lyrics
Eastman-Rochester OrchestraCuban Overture Music/Lyrics
Eastman-Rochester OrchestraRhapsody In Blue Music/Lyrics
EbonyThe Man I Love1979Music/Lyrics
Ed AmesLove Is Here To Stay1964Music/Lyrics
Eddie CalvertSummertime1954Music/Lyrics
Eddie CalvertThe Man I Love1956Music/Lyrics
Edward MatthewsA Woman Is A Sometime Thing1991Music/Lyrics
Edward MatthewsIt Take A Long Pull To Get There1962Music/Lyrics
Edward Matthews Assisted By Harriet JacksonA Woman Is A Sometime Thing / Introducing: Summertime1962Music/Lyrics
EkseptionRhapsody In Blue1969Music/Lyrics
ElbowThe Bones Of You2008Music/Lyrics
Eliane EliasEmbraceable You2013Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisA Woman Is A Sometime Thing1959Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisBuzzard Song1959Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1959Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisMedley: Here Come De Honey Man - Crab Man - Oh, Dey's So Fresh And Fine (Strawberry Woman)1959Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisOverture [Porgy & Bess]1959Music/Lyrics
Ella & LouisWhat You Want Wid Bess?1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBut Not For Me1951Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldBy Strauss1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldEmbraceable You1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldHe Loves And She Loves1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldHow Long Has This Been Going On?1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Can't Be Bothered Now1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Got Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI Wants To Stay Here1958Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI'm A Poached Egg Without Toast1964Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldI've Got A Crush On You1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldLooking For A Boy1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldLorelei1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMaybe1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldMy One And Only1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldNice Work If You Can Get It1954Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOh, Doctor Jesus1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldOh, Lady Be Good!1947Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald'S Wonderful1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldShall We Dance1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSomebody Loves Me1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSomeone To Watch Over Me1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSoon1950Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldSummertime1957Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThe Man I love1959Music/Lyrics
Ella FitzgeraldThey All Laughed1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongAutumn In New York1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongBess, Oh Where's My Bess1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongI've Got Plenty O'Nuttin'1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongMy Man's Gone Now1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongOh Lawd, I'm On My Way1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongOur Love Is Here To Stay1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon Fpr New York1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongThey All Laughed1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald and Andre PrevinThey Can't Take That Away From Me1983Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald And Her Savoy EightI Was Doing All Right1938Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis ArmstrongA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald And Louis ArmstrongI'm On My Way1962Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald And Louis ArmstrongIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald And Louis ArmstrongSummertime1958Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis ArmstrongThey Can't Take That Away From Me1956Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Bob Haggart And His OrchestraOh, Lady Be Good!1955Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraHow Long Has This Been Going On?1957Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra"The Half Of It, Dearie" Blues1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra(I've Got) Beginner's Luck1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraA Foggy Day1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraAren't You Kind Of Glad We Did?1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBidin' My Time1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBoy Wanted1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBoy! What Love Has Done To Me1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBut Not For Me1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraClap Yo' Hands1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraFascinatin' Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraFor You, For Me, For Evermore1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraFunny Face1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraHow Long Has This Been Going On1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraI Was Doing All Right1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraIsn't It A Pity?1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraI've Got A Crush On You 1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraJust Another Rhumba1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLet's Kiss & Make Up1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLooking For A Boy1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLove Is Here To Stay1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLove Is Sweeping The Country1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraLove Walked In1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraMy Cousin In Milwaukee1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraMy One And Only1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraNice Work If You Can Get It1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraOf Thee I Sing (Baby)1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraOh Lady Be Good!1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraOh, So Nice1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSam And Delilah1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSlap That Bass1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSomebody From Somewhere1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSoon1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraStiff Upper Lip1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraStrike Up The Band1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThat Certain Feeling1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThe Real American Folk Song1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThey Can't Take That Away From Me1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThings Are Looking Up1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraTreat Me Rough1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraWho Cares?1959Music/Lyrics
Ella Fitzgerald with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraYou've Got What Gets Me1959Music/Lyrics
Élodie Frégé & Alex TasselBut Not For Me2016Music/Lyrics
Elton JohnBut Not For Me1994Music/Lyrics
EmergencyMy Woman's Gone Now1971Music/Lyrics
Engelbert HumperdinckEmbraceable You1985Music/Lyrics
Enoch Light & The Light BrigadeFoggy Day1960Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonOur Love Is Here To Stay2013Music/Lyrics
Erma FranklinThe Man I Love1962Music/Lyrics
Ernest RanglinSummertime1967Music/Lyrics
Ernie Andrews With Maxwell Davis And His TrioSummertime1947Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerSummertime1952Music/Lyrics
Erroll GarnerThey Can't Take That Away From Me1969Music/Lyrics
Erwin Lehn und sein SDR-OrchesterSomeone To Watch Over You2008Music/Lyrics
Ethel MermanBut Not For Me1961Music/Lyrics
Ethel MermanI Got Rhythm1930Music/Lyrics
Ethel MermanSam And Delilah1930Music/Lyrics
Ethel WatersI Got Rhythm1930Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesEmbraceable You1994Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesSomeone To Watch Over Me1962Music/Lyrics
Etta JamesThe Man I Love1994Music/Lyrics
Eumir Deodato feat. John TropeaSummertime2010Music/Lyrics
Eva Jessye ChoirThe Requiem1940Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherLove Is Here To Stay1968Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherRhapsody In Blue1966Music/Lyrics
Fletcher Henderson And His OrchestraLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1934Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerI Got Rhythm1967Music/Lyrics
Francis BayFascinating Rhythm1960Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra(Our) Love Is Here To Stay1974Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraA Foggy Day (In London Town)1953Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraBut Not For Me1980Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraEmbraceable You1943Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1957Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraI've Got A Crush On You1948Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLove Is Here To Stay1955Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraLove Walked In1961Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraNice Work If You Can Get It1957Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra'S Wonderful2003Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSomebody Loves Me2003Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraSomeone To Watch Over Me1945Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThe Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind1981Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThey All Laughed1980Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraThey Can't Take That Away From Me1953Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraWhere Is My Bess?1946Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Lena HorneEmbraceable You1994Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Natalie ColeThey Can't Take That Away From Me1993Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Tanya TuckerEmbraceable You2013Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra & Willie NelsonA Foggy Day1994Music/Lyrics
Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me1955Music/Lyrics
Frank Valdor SextettIt's Only A Pepermoon / On The Street Where You Live / Lady Be Good1970Music/Lyrics
Frankie ValliPassion For Paris (An American In Paris)1980Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire(I've Got) Beginner's Luck1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireA Foggy Day (In London Town)1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireFascinating Rhythm1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireFunny Face1957Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireHang On To Me Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireHigh Hat1929Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireI Can't Be Bothered Now1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireI'd Rather Charleston Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireMy One And Only1929Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireNice Work If You Can Get It1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireOh, Lady Be Good1953Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire's Wonderful1952Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireShall We Dance?1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireSlap That Bass1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThe Babbitt And The Bromide Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThe Half Of It, Dearie, Blues1926Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThey All Laughed1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThey Can't Take That Away From Me1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireThings Are Looking Up1937Music/Lyrics
Fred AstaireWho Cares?1940Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireFascinatin' Rhythm1924Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireFunny Face1929Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireHang On To Me1926Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireI'd Rather Charleston1926Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireSwiss Miss (Yodel Song)1926Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Adele AstaireThe Babbitt And The Bromide1929Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1937Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersShall We Dance - Finale1974Music/Lyrics
Fred Astaire, Jan Duggen, Mary Dean & Pearl AmatoreNice Work If You Can Get It1937Music/Lyrics
Fun Boy ThreeSummertime1982Music/Lyrics
Gabor SzaboSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Gemma RayI've Got A Crush On You2010Music/Lyrics
Gene AmmonsSomeone To Watch Over Me1961Music/Lyrics
Gene Ammons / Etta Jones / Jack McDuffBut Not For Me1963Music/Lyrics
Gene KellyI Got Rhythm1950Music/Lyrics
Gene KellyLove Is Here To Stay1950Music/Lyrics
Gene Kelly & Georges Guetary'S Wonderful1950Music/Lyrics
Gene Kelly & Oscar LevantTra-La-La1950Music/Lyrics
Gene Kelly, Georges Guetary, Mac MacLain, Grace Stark & Pete RobertsBy Strauss1950Music/Lyrics
Gene VincentSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
George BensonA Foggy Day1965Music/Lyrics
George BensonSummertime/20011976Music/Lyrics
George DukeI Loves You Porgy2006Music/Lyrics
George GershwinAct I, Scene 1: Finale [Porgy And Bess]1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinI Got Rhythm1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinLove Is Sweeping The Country1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinMine1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinOverture (Of Thee I Sing)1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinSecond Prelude1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinSecond Rhapsody1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinSignature1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinSwanee1991Music/Lyrics
George GershwinThe Man I Love1934Music/Lyrics
George GershwinWintergreen For President1991Music/Lyrics
George Shearing QuintetLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1959Music/Lyrics
Georges Guétary(I'll Build A) Stairway To Paradise1950Music/Lyrics
Georges GuétaryI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1951Music/Lyrics
Georges Guétary & Oscar LevantNice Work If You Can Get It1950Music/Lyrics
Georgie AuldSomeone To Watch Over You1955Music/Lyrics
Georgie FameSomeone To Watch Over Me1968Music/Lyrics
Gerard KennyI've Got A Crush On You2005Music/Lyrics
Gerry & The PacemakersSummertime1963Music/Lyrics
Gertrude LawrenceDo-Do-Do1927Music/Lyrics
Gertrude LawrenceSomeone To Watch Over Me1926Music/Lyrics
Gil EvansSummertime1973Music/Lyrics
Ginger RogersThey All Laughed1937Music/Lyrics
Gitte HćnningThey Can't Take That Away From Me2007Music/Lyrics
Gladys KnightBut Not For Me2006Music/Lyrics
Gladys KnightSomeone To Watch Over Me2006Music/Lyrics
Gladys KnightThe Man I Love2006Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His OrchestraRhapsody In Blue1941Music/Lyrics
Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, Marion HuttonI Got Rhythm1942Music/Lyrics
Global Kryner versus The Rounder GirlsI Loves You Porgy2010Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanEmbraceable You2013Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanHow Long Has This Been Going On2013Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanThey Can't Take That Away From Me2013Music/Lyrics
Gloria Lynne With Wild Bill Davis And The Jo Jones TrioBut Not For Me1959Music/Lyrics
Golden Gate QuartetSummertime1977Music/Lyrics
Götz AlsmannDer kleine Park2014Music/Lyrics
Götz AlsmannEs ist die Liebe, die so glücklich macht2014Music/Lyrics
Grand Corps Malade avec Élise Oudin-GillesL'heure d'été2010Music/Lyrics
Grover Washington, Jr.I Loves You Porgy1972Music/Lyrics
Grover Washington, Jr.My Man's Gone Now2000Music/Lyrics
Günter Noris Big Band, Strings & ChorusSummertime1986Music/Lyrics
Günther NeefsThey Can't Take That Away2015Music/Lyrics
Gwandhausorchester Leipzig, Siegfried Stöckigt, Kurt HiltawskyRhapsody In Blue1981Music/Lyrics
Hampton HawesEmbraceable You1956Music/Lyrics
Hampton HawesSomebody Loves Me1956Music/Lyrics
Hank JonesBut Not For Me1956Music/Lyrics
Harpers BizarreI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1968Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteA Women Is A Sometime Thing1959Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteBess, Oh Where's My Bess?1959Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteOh, I Got Plenty Of Nothin'1959Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteStrawberry Women1959Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteStreet Calls1959Music/Lyrics
Harry BelafonteThe Honey Man1959Music/Lyrics
Helen Dowdy Assisted By Gladys GoodeStrawberry Woman's Call1962Music/Lyrics
Helen Merrill'S Wonderful1954Music/Lyrics
Helen SchneiderThe Man I Love2008Music/Lyrics
Helen ShapiroThey Can't Take That Away From Me1983Music/Lyrics
Helga Hahnemann & Inka BauseI Got Rhythm1997Music/Lyrics
Helge SchneiderIt Ain't Necessarily So2013Music/Lyrics
Helge Schneider & HardcoreSummertime1993Music/Lyrics
Helmut SchmidtI Got Rhythm1972Music/Lyrics
Henri PelissierSummertime1995Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassStrike Up The Band1970Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassSummertime1970Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannIt Ain't Necessarily So1962Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannStrike Up The Band1956Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann & Sam Most QuintetFascinating Rhythm1955Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann With The Wessel Ilcker TrioLove Is Here To Stay1956Music/Lyrics
Herbie Mann With The Wessel Ilcker TrioSummertime1956Music/Lyrics
Herman's HermitsBiding My Time2001Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefAlle lachten...1975Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefDoch nie für mich1975Music/Lyrics
Hildegard KnefThe Man I Love1964Music/Lyrics
HilltoppersLove Walked In1953Music/Lyrics
Hubert Fol QuartetThey Can't Take That Away From Me1956Music/Lyrics
Humphrey LyttletonThe Man I Love1961Music/Lyrics
I ModerniSummertime2012Music/Lyrics
Ibernice MacBeanBut Not For Me2013Music/Lyrics
Ibernice MacBeanSomeone To Watch Over Me2013Music/Lyrics
Ida CoxBlue Monday Blues1923Music/Lyrics
Indra Rios-MooreLove Walked In2018Music/Lyrics
Inga RumpfSummertime1996Music/Lyrics
Iréne AmbrusDer Pa-pa-pa und die Ma-ma-ma sind bös', Baby1928Music/Lyrics
Iris WilliamsSummertime1982Music/Lyrics
Iris WilliamsThe Man I Love1982Music/Lyrics
Ivo RobićSomeone To Watch Over Me1958Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His Orchestra"Lady Be Good" - Medley1926Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His Orchestra"Lady Be Good" - Selection1926Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraClap Yo' Hands1927Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraDo-Do-Do1927Music/Lyrics
Jack Hylton And His OrchestraS' Wonderful1928Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisFascinating Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1959Music/Lyrics
Jackie DeShannonSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonBut Not For Me1952Music/Lyrics
Jackie GleasonLove Is Here To Stay1952Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonSwanee1961Music/Lyrics
James BrownI Loves You Porgy1964Music/Lyrics
James BrownSummertime1977Music/Lyrics
James Brown & Martha HighSummertime1977Music/Lyrics
James LastSummertime1975Music/Lyrics
Jamie CullumIt Ain't Necessarily So2002Music/Lyrics
Jane MonheitEmbraceable You2004Music/Lyrics
Janis Joplin & Big Brother And The Holding CompanySummertime1968Music/Lyrics
Jason DonovanThey Can't Take That Away From Me2012Music/Lyrics
Jaye P. MorganSwanee1955Music/Lyrics
Jeane MansonSummertime1999Music/Lyrics
Jeanne Lee & Ran BlakeSummertime1961Music/Lyrics
Jean-Pierre Rampal / Orchester / Michel ColombierPorgy And Bess - Summertime1985Music/Lyrics
Jeff Ballard Trio with Lionel Loueke & Miguel ZenonThe Man I Love2014Music/Lyrics
Jerri WintersBlah, Blah, Blah1955Music/Lyrics
Jim Hall & Pat MethenySummertime2011Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey & His OrchestraI Got Rhythm1937Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraEmbraceable You1941Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraSlap That Bass1937Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThey All Laughed1937Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThey Can't Take That Away From Me1937Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Giuffre / Jimmy Rowles / Shelly ManneFascinatin' Rhythm1956Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Scott feat. Renee OlsteadSomeone To Watch Over Me2017Music/Lyrics
Joanne Shaw TaylorSummertime2016Music/Lyrics
Joăo Gilberto'S Wonderful1977Music/Lyrics
Joe BariFascinating Rhythm1949Music/Lyrics
Joe BushkinBess, You Is My Woman1957Music/Lyrics
Joe BushkinSomeone To Watch Over Me1957Music/Lyrics
Joe Venuti Accompanied By Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraSummertime1956Music/Lyrics
Joe Williams & Harry "Sweets" EdisonSummertime1961Music/Lyrics
Joey HeathertonSomeone To Watch Over Me1972Music/Lyrics
John ColtraneBut Not For Me1961Music/Lyrics
John ColtraneSummertime1961Music/Lyrics
John KlemmerSummertime (Tempo De Veraő)1979Music/Lyrics
John ScofieldI Loves You Porgy2011Music/Lyrics
Johnny Guitar WatsonEmbraceable You1963Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisEmbracable You1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisIsn't It A Pity1960Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLove Is Here To Stay2005Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLove Walked In1958Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashI Got Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny Nash'S Wonderful1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashSomeone To Watch Over Me1964Music/Lyrics
Jon Bon JoviHow Long Has This Been Going On Music/Lyrics
Jones-Smith IncorporatedLady Be Good1936Music/Lyrics
José JamesThey Can't Take That Away From Me2017Music/Lyrics
José James & Jef NeveEmbraceable You2010Music/Lyrics
JovanottiI Got Rhythm Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandA Foggy Day In London Town1961Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandEmbraceable You1939Music/Lyrics
Judy GarlandFascinating Rhythm1943Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & Bing CrosbyMine1947Music/Lyrics
Judy Garland & Dick Haymes / Gordon Jenkins OrchestraAren't You Kinda Glad We Did1946Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesSummertime1979Music/Lyrics
Julia MigenesThe Man I Love1991Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonBidin' My Time1968Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonBut Not For Me1960Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonDo It Again1961Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonHow Long Has This Been Going On1958Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI Love You Porgy1962Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonI've Got A Crush On You1967Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonLove Is Here To Stay1959Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonMy Man's Gone Now1958Music/Lyrics
Julie London's Wonderful1955Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonSomebody Loves Me1957Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonThe Man I Love1968Music/Lyrics
Julie LondonThey Can't Take That Away From Me1959Music/Lyrics
Julie RogersBut Not For Me1965Music/Lyrics
June TaborThe Man I Love1989Music/Lyrics
Jurr & Roelove feat. Wendy LewisSummertime2003Music/Lyrics
Kai WindingLove Walked In1961Music/Lyrics
Karel GottFascinating Rhythm1968Music/Lyrics
Karen MokThe Man I Love2013Music/Lyrics
Karl DenverLove Walked In1964Music/Lyrics
Kat Edmonson's Wonderful2013Music/Lyrics
Kate Bush & Larry AdlerThe Man I Love1994Music/Lyrics
Katherine JenkinsSomeone To Watch Over Me2016Music/Lyrics
Kati KarneySummertime1995Music/Lyrics
Keely Smith With Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me1959Music/Lyrics
Keely Smith With Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraThe Man I Love1959Music/Lyrics
Keith JarrettI Love You Porgy1999Music/Lyrics
Keith JarrettSomeone To Watch Over Me1999Music/Lyrics
Kenneth SpencerSommerzeit1954Music/Lyrics
Kenny BakerLove Walked In1938Music/Lyrics
Kenny BurrellBut Not For Me1956Music/Lyrics
Kenny BurrellLady Be Good1959Music/Lyrics
Kenny BurrellThe Man I Love1958Music/Lyrics
Kenny G feat. George BensonSummertime1999Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersLove Is Here To Stay1994Music/Lyrics
Kim Criswell & Chorus / The John Wilson OrchestraI Got Rhythm2012Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichDisco-Time / Summertime1978Music/Lyrics
Klaus WunderlichSummertime1977Music/Lyrics
Kommil FooNiet voor mij alleen2008Music/Lyrics
Koninklijke LuchtmachtkapelMedley Gershwin2010Music/Lyrics
Koninklijke LuchtmachtkapelStrike Up The Band2010Music/Lyrics
Koninklijke LuchtmachtkapelSwanee2010Music/Lyrics
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club OrchestraHow Long Has This Been Going On?2001Music/Lyrics
Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher And The Coffee Club Orchestra feat. Jason AlexanderHangin' Around With You2001Music/Lyrics
KrugThere's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York1974Music/Lyrics
Kurt Edelhagen und sein OrchesterBlues aus "Ein Amerikaner in Paris"1953Music/Lyrics
Kurt Henkels und das Tanzorchester Leipzig des Staatlichen RundfunkkomiteesGershwin-Erinnerungen1954Music/Lyrics
Lalo Schifrin / Bob BrookmeyerBut Not For Me1963Music/Lyrics
Lambert, Hendricks & RossSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1967Music/Lyrics
Lana CantrellThe Man I Love1969Music/Lyrics
Larry Adler & George MartinRhapsody In Blue1994Music/Lyrics
Lars GullinA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Lars GullinSummertime1956Music/Lyrics
Laura NyroEmbraceable You1994Music/Lyrics
Lea BischofBut Not For Me1992Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneI Wants To Stay Here1959Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneMy Man's Gone Now1959Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneSummertime1957Music/Lyrics
Lena HorneThe Man I Love1942Music/Lyrics
Lena Horne / Harry BelafonteBess, You Is My Women1959Music/Lyrics
Lena Horne / Harry BelafonteThere's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York1959Music/Lyrics
Leontyne PriceSummertime Music/Lyrics
Les BaxterMine1954Music/Lyrics
Les McCannA Foggy Day1960Music/Lyrics
Les McCannBut Not For Me1960Music/Lyrics
Les MissilesC'n'est pas nécessairement ça1965Music/Lyrics
Leslie WestSummertime2006Music/Lyrics
Liane FolyThe Man I Love1988Music/Lyrics
LiberaceRhapsody In Blue1976Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraI've Got A Crush On You1983Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt & The Nelson Riddle OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me1983Music/Lyrics
Linda Ronstadt with Nelson Riddle & His OrchestraBut Not For Me1986Music/Lyrics
Lisa Ekdahl & Peter Nordahl TrioBut Not For Me1995Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1966Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliLorelei1965Music/Lyrics
Liza MinnelliThe Man I Love1977Music/Lyrics
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Roberto SzidonKonzert in F für Klavier und Orchester - Adagio - Andante con moto1970Music/Lyrics
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Roberto SzidonKonzert in F für Klavier und Orchester - Allegro1970Music/Lyrics
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Roberto SzidonKonzert in F für Klavier und Orchester - Allegro agitato1970Music/Lyrics
Lorrie MorganThey Can't Take That Away From Me1998Music/Lyrics
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra / Leonard BernsteinPrelude For Piano, No. 21983Music/Lyrics
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra / Leonard BernsteinRhapsody In Blue1983Music/Lyrics
Lothar LöfflerManhattan / Someone To Watch Over Me / Can't Help Lovin' That Man1983Music/Lyrics
Lothar LöfflerThe Man I Love / Nancy / Body And Soul1983Music/Lyrics
Lou RawlsSummertime1963Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong & Ella FitzgeraldBess, You Is My Woman Now1957Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong & Ella FitzgeraldLove Is Here To Stay1957Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong & His OrchestraI Got Rhythm1931Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong / Oscar PetersonHow Long Has This Been Going On?1959Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong / Oscar PetersonI Was Doing All Right1959Music/Lyrics
Louis Armstrong And His OrchestraLove Walked In1938Music/Lyrics
Louis Prima & Keely SmithLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1960Music/Lyrics
Louis Prima & Keely SmithThey Can't Take That Away From Me1960Music/Lyrics
Love SculptureSummertime1968Music/Lyrics
LyambikoFascinating Rhythm2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoHow Long Has This Been Going On?2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoI Got Rhythm2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoI Loves You Porgy2007Music/Lyrics
LyambikoIt Ain't Necessarily So2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoI've Got A Crush On You2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoLet's Call The Whole Thing Off2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoLove Walked In2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoNice Work If You Can Get It2012Music/Lyrics
Lyambiko'S Wonderful2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoSlap That Bass2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoSomebody Loves Me2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoSomeone To Watch Over Me2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoThey All Laughed2012Music/Lyrics
LyambikoWho Cares?2012Music/Lyrics
Lyn CollinsA Foggy Day1975Music/Lyrics
Mahalia JacksonSummertime1963Music/Lyrics
Majestic [1980s]Summertime1986Music/Lyrics
Mal Waldron TrioSummertime1981Music/Lyrics
MaliaI Love You Porgy2012Music/Lyrics
Manfred KrugA Foggy Day1968Music/Lyrics
Manfred KrugSomeone To Watch Over Me2003Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug & Charles BrauerBut Not For Me1996Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug / Jazz-Optimisten BerlinSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug / Uschi BrüningNice Work If You Can Get It2014Music/Lyrics
Manfred Krug + Fanny KrugNice Work If You Can Get It2003Music/Lyrics
MantovaniLong Ago And Far Away Music/Lyrics
Mantovani And His OrchestraSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
Margaret WhitingBoy! What Love Has Done To Me!1985Music/Lyrics
Margaret WhitingLittle Jazz Bird1985Music/Lyrics
Margaret WhitingNice Work If You Can Get It1985Music/Lyrics
Margot Friedlaender und die Bergols / Gerd Natschinski mit seinem OrchesterThe Man I Love Music/Lyrics
Marilyn MonroeDo It Again1952Music/Lyrics
Marion HarrisThe Man I Love1928Music/Lyrics
Mark MedlockSummertime2011Music/Lyrics
Martial SolalI Got Rhythm1963Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher & sein Orchester / Rosy RohrThe Man I Love1971Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
Mary HopkinSomeone To Watch Over Me1969Music/Lyrics
Mary RoosSommerzeit (war die Zeit uns'rer Liebe)1964Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroLove Walked In1960Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovern(I've Got) Beginner's Luck1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernA Corner Of Heaven With You1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernBy Strauss1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernEmbraceable You1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernGershwin Tribute (Strike Up The Band / Fascinating Rhythm / Vlap Yo' Hands / They Can't Take That Away From Me / 'S Wonderful / They All Laughed / I Got Rhythm)1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernHow Long Has This Been Going On1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernLittle Jazz Bird1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernLove Is Here To Stay1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernLove Walked In1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernMy Man's Gone Now1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernNaughty Baby1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernPiano Prelude1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernPorgy, I's Yo' Woman Now1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernSomebody Loves Me1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernStiff Upper Lip1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernSummertime1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernThe Man I Love1989Music/Lyrics
Maureen McGovernThings Are Looking Up1989Music/Lyrics
Maurice ChevalierSwanee Music/Lyrics
Mayke VanesSummertime2017Music/Lyrics
Mayke VanesSummertime [English]2017Music/Lyrics
Maynard FergusonSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Me First And The Gimme GimmesSummertime1999Music/Lyrics
MelanieSomebody Loves Me1972Music/Lyrics
Melissa ManchesterLady Be Good1989Music/Lyrics
Melissa ManchesterSomeone To Watch Over Me1982Music/Lyrics
Melody GardotSummertime2010Music/Lyrics
Michael Ball & Alfie BoeI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise2016Music/Lyrics
Michael BubléA Foggy Day (In London Town)2005Music/Lyrics
Michael FeinsteinI've Got A Crush On You2008Music/Lyrics
Michel LegrandSummertime1974Music/Lyrics
Mike BrantSummertime1974Music/Lyrics
Mike OldfieldI Got Rhythm1979Music/Lyrics
Milan BačićTi i ja1959Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisBess, You Is My Woman Now1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisBut Not For Me1954Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisBuzzard Song1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisFishermen, Strawberry And Devil Crab1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisGone, Gone, Gone1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisHere Come De Honey Man1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisI Loves You, Porgy1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisIt Ain't Necessarily So1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisMy Man's Gone Now1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisOh Bess, Oh Where's My Bess1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisPrayer (Oh Doctor Jesus)1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisSummertime1958Music/Lyrics
Miles DavisThere's A Boat That's Leaving Soon For New York1958Music/Lyrics
Miles Davis & The Modern Jazz GiantsThe Man I Love1954Music/Lyrics
Milton GraysonIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Minneapolis Symphony OrchestraAn American In Paris Music/Lyrics
Miss Annette HanshawDo, Do, Do1926Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonBut Not For Me2006Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonI Loves You, Porgy2008Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonIt Ain't Necessarily So2008Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonSummertime2002Music/Lyrics
Molly JohnsonThey Can't Take That Away From Me2014Music/Lyrics
Monty Alexander, Ray Brown, Herb EllisBut Not For Me1982Music/Lyrics
Mr. Acker BilkLiza1966Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriA Foggy Day2005Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeBidin' My Time1964Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeLove Is Here To Stay1953Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeSomebody Loves Me1952Music/Lyrics
Nat AdderleyI've Got A Crush On You1960Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeOur Love Is Here To Stay1991Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeSoon2002Music/Lyrics
Neil SedakaBess You Is My Woman Now1961Music/Lyrics
Nicole & HugoThey Can't Take That Away1991Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyHow Long Has This Been Going On2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyOh, Lady Be Good!2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyOur Love Is Here To Stay2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyPorgy & Bess2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyRhapsody In Claret & Blue2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedySummertime2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyThe Man I Love2018Music/Lyrics
Nigel KennedyThey Can't Take That Away From Me2018Music/Lyrics
Nikka CostaSomeone To Watch Over Me1981Music/Lyrics
Nikki YanofskyI Got Rhythm2009Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneI Loves You Porgy1957Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneMy Man's Gone Now1967Music/Lyrics
Nina SimonePorgy I Is Your Woman Now1966Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneSummertime2003Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneSummertime (Live)1959Music/Lyrics
Olivia Newton-JohnSummertime2004Music/Lyrics
Omara PortuondoEl hombre que yo amé (The Man I Love)2000Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard KneifelBlues aus "Ein Amerikaner in Paris"1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard KneifelI Got Rhythm1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard KneifelStrike Up The Bond1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Christel SchulzeSomebody Loves Me1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Christel SchulzeSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Die Perdidos und das Enzo-TrioEmbraceable You1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Die Perdidos und das Enzo-TrioFascinating Rhythm1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Die Perdidos und das Enzo-TrioLiza1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Die Perdidos und das Enzo-TrioLove Is Here To Stay1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Rec DemontA Foggy Day1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Rec DemontOh, Lady Be Good1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Rec Demont'S Wonderful1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Rica DéusSomeone To Watch Over Me1966Music/Lyrics
Orchester Gerhard Kneifel / Rica DéusThe Man I Love1966Music/Lyrics
Orchestra "Shall We Dance"Overture "Shall We Dance"1937Music/Lyrics
Ornette ColemanEmbraceable You1960Music/Lyrics
Oscar LevantConcerto In F (3rd Movement)1950Music/Lyrics
Oscar LevantMedley: My Cousin In Milwaukee/A Foggy Day/The Half-Of-It Dearie Blues/But Not For Me1950Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonBess, Oh Where's My Bess1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonBess, You Is My Woman Now1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonHere Come De Honey Man1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonI Loves You, Porgy1970Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonI Wants To Stay Here1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonOh Dey's So Fresh And Fine (Strawberry Woman)1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonOh Lawd, I'm On My Way1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar PetersonThere's A Bat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York1959Music/Lyrics
Oscar Peterson TrioI Got Rhythm Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyIt Ain't Necessarily So1965Music/Lyrics
Parov Stelar feat. Maya BensalemSummertime2015Music/Lyrics
Pat And Shirley BooneLove Is Here To Stay1962Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1959Music/Lyrics
Pat BooneThey Can't Take That Away From Me1959Music/Lyrics
Patricia CahillSummertime1967Music/Lyrics
Patricia CarliCelui que j'aime1965Music/Lyrics
Patricia PaayA Foggy Day2000Music/Lyrics
Patti AustinThey Can't Take That Away From Me1988Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeDo It Again2006Music/Lyrics
Patti LuponeThe Man I Love2006Music/Lyrics
Patti PageA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Patti PageNice Work If You Can Get It1958Music/Lyrics
Patti PageThey All Laughed1958Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaSomebody Loves Me1961Music/Lyrics
Paul DesmondSummertime1968Music/Lyrics
Paul McCartneySummertime1988Music/Lyrics
Paul MotianBess, Oh Where Is My Bess1990Music/Lyrics
Paul MotianBut Not For Me1990Music/Lyrics
Paul MotianI Got Rhythm1990Music/Lyrics
Paul MotianNice Work If You Can Get It1990Music/Lyrics
Paul Revere & The RaidersSummer Time1961Music/Lyrics
Paul WestonA Foggy Day1956Music/Lyrics
Paul WhitemanLet 'Em Eat Cake1933Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman & Bob LawrenceMine1933Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman & The Rythm BoysOn And On And On1933Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His Concert OrchestraRhapsody In Blue - Part 11927Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His Concert OrchestraRhapsody In Blue - Part 21927Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraDo It Again!1922Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraI'll Build A Stairway To Paradise1922Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraSouth Sea Isles1921Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraThat American Boy Of Mine1923Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman And His OrchestraThe Man I Love1928Music/Lyrics
Paul Whiteman, Bob Lawrence & Ramona DaviesMine1933Music/Lyrics
Peaches & HerbEmbraceable You1967Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeI Ain't Necessarily So1956Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeOur Love Is Here To Stay1967Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThe Man I Love1957Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThey Can't Take That Away From Me1956Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithA Woman Is A Sometime Thing1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithBess, Oh Where's My Bess1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithCatfish Row1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithI Loves You, Porgy1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithIt Ain't Necessarily So1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithLeavin' For The Promised Land1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithO Lawd I'm On My Way1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithOh I Can't Sit Down1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithThe Buzzard Song1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithThe Strawberry Woman and the Crab Man1959Music/Lyrics
Percy FaithThere's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York1959Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraBess, You Is My Woman Now1959Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraEmbraceable You1965Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1959Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraLiza1973Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraMy Man's Gone Now1959Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith & His OrchestraSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoSomebody Loves Me1957Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoThey Can't Take That Away From Me1957Music/Lyrics
Pete BrownBut Not For Me1960Music/Lyrics
Peter Kreuder am Flügel mit seinen RhythmikernLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1937Music/Lyrics
Peter NeroBess, You Is My Woman1961Music/Lyrics
Peter SellersPeter Sellers Sings George Gershwin1959Music/Lyrics
Peter SkellernLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1979Music/Lyrics
Peter SkellernThey All Laughed1982Music/Lyrics
Peter SkellernThey Can't Take That Away From Me1979Music/Lyrics
Peter Thomas Sound OrchestraEmbraceable You1968Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkA Foggy Day1965Music/Lyrics
Petula ClarkHe Loves And She Loves2013Music/Lyrics
Phoebe SnowThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York1975Music/Lyrics
Polly BergenBut Not For Me1957Music/Lyrics
Rachael LeahcarSomeone To Watch Over Me Music/Lyrics
Rachael MacFarlaneSomeone To Watch Over Me2012Music/Lyrics
Ramsey LewisSummertime1972Music/Lyrics
Ray Anthony's Wonderful1955Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesA Woman Is A Sometime Thing1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesBuzzard Song1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesCrab Man1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesHow Long Has This Been Going On2006Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesI Love You, Porgy1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesIt Ain't Necessarily So1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesLove Is Here To Stay1969Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesOh Lord, I'm On My Way1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesOh, Bess, Oh Where's My Bess1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesSomeone To Watch Over You1972Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesStrawberry Woman1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesStrike Up The Band1961Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesSummertime1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York1976Music/Lyrics
Ray CharlesThey Can't Take That Away From Me2014Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineBess, You Is My Woman1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineHere Come De Honey Man1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineIt Ain't Necessarily So1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineSummertime1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Charles / Cleo LaineThere's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York1976Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff'S Wonderful1956Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusRhapsody In Blue1975Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusSummertime1960Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff His Orchestra And ChorusThey Can't Take That Away From Me1960Music/Lyrics
Raymond Lewenthal / Metropolitan Symphony OrchestraGeorge Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue1962Music/Lyrics
Rebecca FergusonEmbraceable You2015Music/Lyrics
Rebecca FergusonSummertime2015Music/Lyrics
Red Norvo And His OrchestraI Was Doing All Right1938Music/Lyrics
Red Norvo And His OrchestraLove Is Here To Stay1938Music/Lyrics
Renée FlemingSummertime1998Music/Lyrics
Renee OlsteadSummertime2004Music/Lyrics
Renee Olstead feat. Chris BottiSomeone To Watch Over Me2004Music/Lyrics
Reto BurrellSummertime2004Music/Lyrics
Rex GildoLas Vegas Dancer: I Got Rhythm / Bad, Bad Leroy Brown / New York, New York / Singin' In The Rain1981Music/Lyrics
Ria und EgonMedley 52017Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanRhapsody In Blue1978Music/Lyrics
Richard ClaydermanSummertime1979Music/Lyrics
Rick NelsonSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
Rick WakemanRhapsody In Blue1979Music/Lyrics
Rick WakemanSummertime1979Music/Lyrics
Rickie Lee JonesI Can't Get Started2000Music/Lyrics
Rickie Lee JonesSomeone To Watch Over Me2000Music/Lyrics
Rita PaulDoch nicht für mich1964Music/Lyrics
Rita PaulWundervoll1961Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysA Foggy Day1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysBut Not For Me1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysEmbraceable You1976Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysI Loves You Porgy1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysLove Is Here To Stay1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysLove Walked In1976Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysOh, Lady Be Good!1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysSomeone To Watch Over Me1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysSoon1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysSummertime1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysThe Man I Love1975Music/Lyrics
Rita ReysThey Can't Take That Away From Me1975Music/Lyrics
Robbie Williams & Rupert EverettThey Can't Take That Away From Me2001Music/Lyrics
Robert GouletSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartBut Not For Me2004Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartEmbraceable You2004Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartOur Love Is Here To Stay2003Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart'S Wonderful2004Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartSomeone To Watch Over Me2003Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartThey Can't Take That Away From Me2002Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart with Diana RossI've Got A Crush On You2005Music/Lyrics
Roger Wolfe Kahn And His OrchestraSong Of The Flame1926Music/Lyrics
Roland KirkOur Love Is Here To Stay1960Music/Lyrics
Romy HaagThe Man I Love1983Music/Lyrics
Ronnie MilsapBut Not For Me2004Music/Lyrics
Roy Eldridge And His OrchestraEmbraceable You1945Music/Lyrics
Roy Haynes And Quincy JonesLiza1955Music/Lyrics
Royal Romantic OrchestraSummertime1997Music/Lyrics
Ruby ElzyMy Man's Gone Now1935Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeBut Not For Me1961Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeSummertime1957Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.It Ain't Necessarily So1974Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Soon1961Music/Lyrics
Sammy Price & Doc CheathamI Got Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
San Francisco Symphony OrchestraEin Amerikaner in Paris1977Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyA Foggy Day (In London Town)1962Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnySummertime1959Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieEmbraceable You2017Music/Lyrics
Sarah McKenzieI Was Doing Alright2015Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanBlah Blah Blah1962Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanEmbraceable You1954Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanFascinating Rhythm1964Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanI've Got A Crush On You1951Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanMaybe1956Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanMy Man's Gone Now2015Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanNice Work If You Can Get It1950Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanSoon1956Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanSummertime1949Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanThey Can't Take That Away From Me1954Music/Lyrics
Sarah Vaughan accompanied by the Ernie Wilkins OrchestraSoon1955Music/Lyrics
Sarah Vaughan and the Hugo Peretti Orchestra's Wonderful1954Music/Lyrics
Scatman CrothersI Got Rhythm1956Music/Lyrics
Schnuckenack Reinhardt QuintettS' Wonderful1977Music/Lyrics
Scott HamiltonEmbraceable You1989Music/Lyrics
SealThey Can't Take That Away From Me2017Music/Lyrics
Serge KriefThe Man I Love1988Music/Lyrics
Sheena EastonSomeone To Watch Over Me1993Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyA Foggy Day1959Music/Lyrics
Shirley Bassey's Wonderful1959Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThe Man That Got Away1959Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThey Can't Take That Away From Me1959Music/Lyrics
Shirley Horn with Toots ThielemansSummertime1998Music/Lyrics
Sidney Bechet & Martial Solal QuartetThe Man I Love1957Music/Lyrics
Sidney Bechet / Claude LuterSummertime1954Music/Lyrics
Sidney Bechet And His New Orleans FeetwarmersOh! Lady Be Good!1941Music/Lyrics
Sidney Bechet QuintetSummertime1939Music/Lyrics
Sidney PoitierOh, I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1974Music/Lyrics
Sina feat. Michael von der HeideChumm lee wärs doch la sii2013Music/Lyrics
Sinatra Tribute BandThey Can't Take That Away From Me2006Music/Lyrics
Sinéad O'ConnorSomeone To Watch Over Me1992Music/Lyrics
Sing-Along-A-MaxOne Of Those Songs / Baby Face / Too Toot Tootsie (Goo'bye) / Swanee1972Music/Lyrics
Skeeter DavisSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Smokey RobinsonOur Love Is Here To Stay2006Music/Lyrics
Sofia VossouSummer Time1987Music/Lyrics
Sofie & So FourHow Long Has This Been Going On1993Music/Lyrics
Sonny & CherSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
Sonny RollinsWho Cares1958Music/Lyrics
Sonny Rollins & Coleman HawkinsSummertime1963Music/Lyrics
Sophie TuckerThe Man I Love1928Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentIsn't It A Pity?2000Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentI've Got A Crush On You2000Music/Lyrics
Stacey Kent feat. Roberto MenescalEmbraceable You2015Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzFascinatin' Rhythm1953Music/Lyrics
Stan GetzSummertime1955Music/Lyrics
Stanley Black And His OrchestraThe Man I Love1955Music/Lyrics
Stern Combo MeissenRhapsody In Blue1976Music/Lyrics
StingSomeone To Watch Over Me Music/Lyrics
Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity ArkestraBut Not For Me1970Music/Lyrics
Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity ArkestraI Loves You, Porgy1970Music/Lyrics
Supersax & L.A. VoicesEmbraceable You1983Music/Lyrics
Susan BoyleSomeone To Watch Over Me2011Music/Lyrics
Susanne WigforssSommartid1968Music/Lyrics
Tab HunterLong Ago1959Music/Lyrics
TacoThey Can't Take That Away From Me1984Music/Lyrics
Tania MariaEmbraceable You1983Music/Lyrics
Teddy Edwards & Les McCannOur Love Is Here To Stay1960Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraNice Work If You Can Get It1937Music/Lyrics
Teddy Wilson & His OrchestraThings Are Looking Up1938Music/Lyrics
Ten Years AfterSummertime1968Music/Lyrics
Térez MontcalmIsn't It A Pity2011Music/Lyrics
The Andrews SistersNice Work If You Can Get It1938Music/Lyrics
The Art Farmer Quartet feat. Jim HallEmbraceable You1963Music/Lyrics
The Astronauts [US]Summertime1964Music/Lyrics
The BootsIt Ain't Necessarily So1966Music/Lyrics
The Brad Mehldau TrioHow Long Has This Been Going On?2001Music/Lyrics
The BroadsI Got Rhythm1983Music/Lyrics
The BuckinghamsSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
The DriftersSummertime2007Music/Lyrics
The Eddie Condon BandHow Long Has This Thing Been Going On?1977Music/Lyrics
The FlamingosLove Walked In1959Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsCoral Island / Summertime1991Music/Lyrics
The Four TopsFascinating Rhythm1999Music/Lyrics
The FoursomeBidin' My Time1931Music/Lyrics
The George Benson QuartetSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
The HappeningsI Got Rhythm1967Music/Lyrics
The Hi-Lo'sNice Work If You Can Get It1955Music/Lyrics
The HoneycombsIt Ain't Necessarily So1964Music/Lyrics
The Ink SpotsLet's Call The Whole Thing Off1937Music/Lyrics
The Ink SpotsSlap That Bass1937Music/Lyrics
The J.J. Johnson QuintetLove Is Here To Stay1957Music/Lyrics
The John Wilson OrchestraAn American In Paris2012Music/Lyrics
The Kelly FamilySummertime Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioEmbraceable You1943Music/Lyrics
The King Cole TrioThe Man I Love1944Music/Lyrics
The King's SingersIt's A Great Little World1974Music/Lyrics
The King's SingersSummertime1971Music/Lyrics
The MarcelsSummertime1961Music/Lyrics
The MGM Studio ChorusSweet Packard1947Music/Lyrics
The MGM Studio OrchestraAn American In Paris1951Music/Lyrics
The MiraclesEmbraceable You1961Music/Lyrics
The Moody BluesIt Ain't Necessarily So1965Music/Lyrics
The Oscar Peterson TrioSummertime1959Music/Lyrics
The PlattersBut Not For Me1961Music/Lyrics
The PlattersEmbraceable You1961Music/Lyrics
The PlattersHeaven On Earth1956Music/Lyrics
The PlattersSomebody Loves Me1959Music/Lyrics
The PlattersSomeone To Watch Over Me1956Music/Lyrics
The PlattersSummertime1956Music/Lyrics
The Puppini SistersI Got Rhythm2011Music/Lyrics
The RomancersEmbraceable You1958Music/Lyrics
The Royal Philharmonic OrchestraHooked On Classics1981Music/Lyrics
The Shake SpearsSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
The Teddy BearsLong Ago And Far Away1958Music/Lyrics
The Toni Carpenter GroupWonderful / Red River Valley / Mr. Landman1970Music/Lyrics
The Tymes feat. George WilliamsSomeone To Watch Over Me1971Music/Lyrics
The VenturesSummertime1962Music/Lyrics
The Walker BrothersSummertime1966Music/Lyrics
The Warner Brothers Studio OrchestraOverture [Rhapsody In Blue]1945Music/Lyrics
The Wolverines Jazz Band feat. Ralph SuttonI Got Rhythm1981Music/Lyrics
The ZombiesSummertime1964Music/Lyrics
Thelonious MonkLiza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)1956Music/Lyrics
Thelonious MonkNice Work If You Can Get It1947Music/Lyrics
Thomas Biasotto Big Band feat. Thomas GanschAn American In Paris2013Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerI Loves You, Porgy2016Music/Lyrics
Till BrönnerLove Is Here To Stay2016Music/Lyrics
Todd DuncanBuzzard Song1940Music/Lyrics
Todd DuncanI Got Plenty O' Nuttin'1940Music/Lyrics
Todd DuncanIt Ain't Necessarily So1940Music/Lyrics
Todd DuncanPorgy's Lament And Finale1940Music/Lyrics
Todd Duncan And Anne BrownBess, You Is My Woman1940Music/Lyrics
Todd Duncan And Anne BrownI Loves You, Porgy1935Music/Lyrics
Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake SevenNice Work If You Can Get It1938Music/Lyrics
Tommy Dorsey & His OrchestraFascinating Rhythm1943Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettA Foggy Day1992Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettFascinatin' Rhythm1973Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHe Loves And She Loves1993Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettHi-Ho1968Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Got Rhythm1995Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettI Got Rhythm [2016]2016Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettLove Is Here To Stay1968Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettNice Work If You Can Get It1993Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettOh Lady Be Good1972Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettShall We Dance1993Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThe Girl I Love1989Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThey All Laughed1969Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettThey Can't Take That Away From Me1967Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettWho Cares?1993Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Brad PaisleyThey Can't Take That Away From Me2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Lady GagaThey All Laughed2014Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Sheryl CrowThe Girl I Love2011Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett / Count Basie and his OrchestraFascinatin' Rhythm1959Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Elvis CostelloThey Can't Take That Away From Me1994Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Frank De Vol And His OrchestraHow Long Has This Been Going On1960Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ralph Burns And His OrchestraOur Love Is Here To Stay1959Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Ray Conniff And His OrchestraLove Walked In1957Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioHow Long Has This Been Going On2006Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioThey All Laughed1993Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with The Ralph Sharon TrioThey Can't Take That Away From Me1993Music/Lyrics
Tony MooreSummertime1972Music/Lyrics
Tony Mottola And His OrchestraI've Got A Crush On You1964Music/Lyrics
Tony OrlandoI Got Rhytm / Fascinating Rhythm1979Music/Lyrics
Tuck & PattiThey Can't Take That Away From Me1989Music/Lyrics
TwiggySomeone To Watch Over Me2011Music/Lyrics
TwiggyThey Can't Take That Away From Me2011Music/Lyrics
Udo JürgensLove Is Here To Stay2011Music/Lyrics
Valentine Pringle, Chor und OrchesterI Got Plenty O Nuttin'1962Music/Lyrics
Valentine Pringle, Urlee LeonardosBess, You Is My Woman Now1962Music/Lyrics
Van AlexanderStrike Up The Band1961Music/Lyrics
Van MorrisonA Foggy Day2017Music/Lyrics
Van MorrisonThey Can't Take That Away From Me2017Music/Lyrics
Van Morrison with Georgie FameHow Long Has This Been Going On1995Music/Lyrics
Vanessa CalcagnoSummertime2010Music/Lyrics
Vanessa RubinOur Love Is Here To Stay1995Music/Lyrics
Vince GuaraldiFascinating Rhythm1956Music/Lyrics
Vince TaylorSummertime1965Music/Lyrics
Walter MurphyIt Ain't Necessarily So1977Music/Lyrics
Walter MurphyRhapsody In Blue1977Music/Lyrics
Wayne FontanaFascinating Rhythm1966Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonBut Not For Me1963Music/Lyrics
Wayne NewtonThey Can't Take That Away From Me1963Music/Lyrics
Wencke MyhreWundervoll1974Music/Lyrics
Wilbur Ware Quintet Featuring Johnny GriffinThe Man I Love1958Music/Lyrics
William RayI Got Plenty O' Nuttin' Music/Lyrics
William Woolfolk Assisted By Georgette HarveyCrab Man's Call1962Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonBut Not For Me2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonI Got Rhythm2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonIt Ain't Necessarily So2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonLove Is Here To Stay2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonSomebody Loves Me2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonSomeone To Watch Over Me1978Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonSomeone To Watch Over Me [2016]2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonSummertime2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonThey All Laughed2016Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonThey Can't Take That Away From Me2016Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson & Leon RussellSummertime1980Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson feat. Cyndi LauperLet's Call The Whole Thing Off2016Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson feat. Sheryl CrowEmbraceable You2016Music/Lyrics
Willis JacksonLady Be Good1962Music/Lyrics
Wynton MarsalisFoggy Day1987Music/Lyrics
Yannick BovyNice Work If You Can Get It2017Music/Lyrics
Zarah LeanderAntonius1961Music/Lyrics
Zarah LeanderEin Mann für mich1961Music/Lyrics
Zarah LeanderThe Man I Love2000Music/Lyrics
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)95.22
But Not For Me (Ella Fitzgerald)55.2
Sommerzeit (war die Zeit uns'rer Liebe) (Mary Roos)65.17
Summertime (Sarah Vaughan)75.14
A Foggy Day (In London Town) (Frank Sinatra)65
My Man's Gone Now (Nina Simone)55
Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald)144.93
Rhapsody In Blue (Glenn Miller & His Orchestra)64.83
The Bones Of You (Elbow)114.82
Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong)154.8
It Ain't Necessarily So (Aretha Franklin)54.8
Love Is Here To Stay (Diana Ross)54.8
Hooked On Classics (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)274.78
Someone To Watch Over Me (Ella Fitzgerald)74.71
Our Love Is Here To Stay (Dinah Washington)74.71
Summertime (Miles Davis)104.7
'S Wonderful (Ray Conniff)134.69
Summertime (Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra)134.69
Summertime (Sam Cooke)94.67
It Ain't Necessarily So (Jamie Cullum)64.67
It Ain't Necessarily So (Bronski Beat)494.47
Summertime (Janis Joplin & Big Brother And The Holding Company)434.33
Hooked On Classics (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)274.78
Summertime (Billy Stewart)204.5
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Robbie Williams & Rupert Everett)204.15
I Got Rhythm (Mike Oldfield)194.58
A Foggy Day (In London Town) (Michael Bublé)184.06
Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald And Louis Armstrong)154.8
The Man I Love (Kate Bush & Larry Adler)154.07
Summertime (Ella Fitzgerald)144.93
Summertime (Billie Holiday And Her Orchestra)134.69
'S Wonderful (Ray Conniff)134.69
Summertime (Fun Boy Three)133.08
I Loves You Porgy (Nina Simone)124.17
The Bones Of You (Elbow)114.82
Heaven On Earth (The Platters)114.64
S'Wonderful (Diana Krall)114.55
Summertime (Miles Davis)104.7
Summertime (Brainbox)104.4
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)95.22

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